PETALING JAYA, AUGUST 2019 – Ascensia Diabetes Care, the world's leading provider of solutions for diabetes care, unveiled the results from its inaugural Malaysia Drive Against Diabetes 2019 Survey.

Results showed that 90% of the survey respondents perceived that they are in good health condition. However, facts revealed a slight disparity where 37% of respondents have some other underlying health complications such as high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and others.

Maximilian Lim, Managing Director of Ascensia Diabetes Care Malaysia of Ascensia Diabetes Care, said, "Based on the findings of our survey, we can conclude that there is the need to drive awareness on understanding diabetes and better diabetes self- management continuously."

Ascensia Diabetes Care and Health2Sync today announced a collaboration that aims to improve diabetes care by bringing an integrated digital management solution to patients in Asia. As part of this collaboration, the companies will create a combined offering for people with diabetes that comprises of the CONTOUR®PLUS or CONTOUR®TS blood glucose monitoring systems from Ascensia, the Health2Sync app and a loyalty program for users, known as the Ascensia Customer Care Program.

KUALA LUMPUR, JUNE 2019 – Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes in Asia, and more effort is required to both understand the root cause of this problem and engage high-risk individuals at the grassroots level to improve the prevention, diagnosis and management of this disease.

In support of the Ministry of Health’s on-going war against diabetes, Ascensia Diabetes Care, the world’s leading provider of solutions for diabetes care, has been spearheading a unique campaign aimed at reaching out to communities within the Klang Valley to promote the pro-active prevention and management of diabetes. At the same time, the campaign also aims to gather better insights into why Malaysians have an apathetic attitude when it comes to diabetes.

The six-month campaign called ‘#DriveAgainstDiabetes’ was conducted in collaboration with Diabetes Malaysia. At the heart of the campaign is a full-size 44-seater passenger bus unit that will travel to various high-traffic locations throughout the Klang Valley.

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